You can light a fire!

Don't miss Ignite at the Joomla! World Conference in Cancun on Friday, November 7, 2014.

Congratulations to the following Joomla! Community presenters that were selected for Ignite:
Ana Barcellos, Steve Burge, Randy Carey, Mike Carson, Mike Demopolous, Jonathan Gafill, Kevinjohn Gallagher, Crystal Harris, Rod Martin, and Brian Teeman.
We also have a special guest Igniter from outside the project.
We will be streaming it live - details will be here.

Details Below

About Ignite

Setting the Joomla! Community On Fire!

Ignite in 90 seconds ...

ANYONE can Ignite! This is open to all community members attending JWC, from site creators to site breakers. Want to Ignite but cannot attend JWC? We may slip in a few 30 second video Ignites, so stay tuned.

Play this fun 90 second video for details of the Joomla!Ignite event at JWC and also how to become a presenter.

  • 5 Minutes
  • 20 Slides
  • 10 Presenters
  • One Grand Prize


Ignite! is a fast-paced presentation format where speakers have just 5 minutes and 20 slides to enlighten, educate or delight you.

It is also an opportunity to get on your Joomla! soapbox. Have a vision for how the Joomla! world should evolve? Here's your five minutes to inspire fellow developers to join in on your vision!

This is an opportunity for members of the Joomla! community to share something they are passionate about with their professional colleagues. Whether it's a way to get rich as an open source programmer or it's stirring the fire on a challenging debate, anything is fair game as long as it's not a veiled infomercial for your product or business. There really are no limits to the range of topics with just a couple obvious exceptions. The presentations are meant to be clever, fun, stimulating, either insightful or inciteful, and of interest to the entire Joomla! community so:

  1. This isn't a sales platform so any form of self-promotion or product promotion is out.
  2. Keep it legal, keep it clean, and keep it respectful. {Keep Calm and Be Impressive!}
  3. Leave your lines of code in the breakout sessions - this is supposed to be fun!
There will be a prize for the best presentation!

Want a taste of an Ignite presentation? Check out these videos from a previous Ignite!

Later we will post all the videos from this Ignite! for the entire Joomla! World Community to enjoy!

How You Can Play

Anyone Is Welcome to Take the Stage!

Submit a Video!

Whether you talk tech or not, if you have something interesting to share, here's your chance to indulge your passion.
If you are one of the hundred people who didn't make the cut to present a session at JWC, here's your second chance.

If you didn't watch the 90 second video, go watch it now. Here's the process:

  1. Record a quick one-two minute video telling us about your idea and how it fits the Joomla! community. In that video, give us a glimpse into your presentation style and enthusiasm so we have a sense of what you will bring to the stage. No editing necessary; production quality is not important! We care about whether you can string interesting sentences together and have a compelling topic, not whether you can operate a camera!
  2. Upload that video to YouTube or Vimeo.
  3. Post a link to that video on Twitter to @JoomlaIgnite by October 8th - we will tweet back that we got it - DONE and DONE!
  4. By Oct. 15th the committee will announce the finalists so you can start putting your presentation together.

    Follow us on Twitter @JoomlaIgnite for updates and to watch the progress.

Vote For The Winner!

The audience at Joomla! Ignite! will be voting for the winner. To keep it fair and not disadvantage the first few presenters, you must be in the door in time for the first presentation to get a ballot code that allows you to vote.

How To Be Awesome

Tips and Tricks for your First Ignite.

Awesome Sauce

Here's a couple resources to help you come up with an exciting presentation that shows off your Awesome Sauce.

  1. Just in case it didn't occur to you, if you don't submit your quick one-minute video by Oct. 15th, it's a pretty sure bet that you are not going to be on stage!
    So, don't make it complicated. No editing needed; just shoot, have some fun, tell us your idea, and get it posted! No guts - no glory!
  2. Here is a video by one of the early Igniters, in Ignite format, with practical suggestions about building your show.

  3. Here are a couple topic ideas and titles we came up with in just a few minutes. It's not hard to come up with excellent ideas if you explore a bit or Google Ignite!
    • Getting Ahead by becoming a Quitter!
    • Marketing your business with pro-bono Charity Websites
    • Work-Life balance, how to recognize and get re-introduced to your family.
    • The secret to attracting loyal clients that do your marketing for you.
    • Things I learned about web usability while traveling in Japan.
  4. The important part is to have some fun! Stretch the envelope! Let your creative side talk for once!

Clever Videos

Inspiration from Other Ignites!

Duke's Picks

There is no accounting for taste! Here are a few videos from previous Ignite events that Duke thought were worth sharing ...

  • How to Court an Idea

  • How to Get 5 Million People to Read Your Website

  • Ignite from Google I/O - how to use a microphone and other trivia